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Founded in 1882 by George A Whiting, Whiting Paper is backed with over 130 years of industry experience. Whiting Paper was owned and operated by the Whiting family for 5 generations until it was sold to Thomas Danz, the Company's CEO in 2014.

Whiting Paper provides top-notch quality, custom matched fine printing paper along with great customer support-a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience and expertise, Whiting Paper has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime.

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Environmentally Friendly Papers
Although Whiting Paper has the capability of producing the finest quality specialty papers with 100% virgin fibers, we also specialize in custom recycled papers and have been producing 100% recycled grades since 1980. This includes post-consumer content up to 100% in all of your custom colors.

Want to reduce the carbon footprint a little further? We can produce any of our products with certified 100% renewable energy. Our renewable energy source, which is primarily wind generated, can supply all of the renewable energy you request at no additional cost to our customers.

Finally, you can purchase Whiting Paper products with confidence in our commitment to preserving the environment through waste reduction, recycling and reuse, strict adherence to all environmental permits and requirements, and the use of renewable energy.


Mill Specifications
* 100% Recycled Papers available

* Alkaline mill with neutral pH (7.2 to 7.6)

* Both on and off machine finishes. On machine finishes include: Antique, Vellum, Smooth, Brockway Felt, Diamond Felt, 10 Mesh, 14 Mesh and 7/8" Chain Laid. Off machine embossing patters include: Light Linen, Heavy Linen, Handmade, Felt, Cross Rib Lineal, Leather, Krystalite, Crash, Raw silk, Crestbark and Ripple.

*2000# minimum for special colors or weights

*One machine-trims 68" to74" wide

*Basis weights available from 25*38 50/500 to 20*26 110/500

*Seven Stocking Grades including Brockway and Brockway Plus DE and PE, Cadence, Closed Loop, Crestline, Coat of Arms, Kona Paper™ and Polar White Bristol

*Paper is produced in roll form. Sheeting and slitting is available

*Endleaf paper for the bookbinding industry is available

*We have the capability to supply cut size paper, ream wrapped

*All paper is sized for printing purposes

*Scrapbooking and Stamping cover weight paper

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